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Traditional Flooring Options for Chennai’s Homes

A hallway in a house with blue and orange walls.


Flooring is a vital element in South Indian homes. A well-designed flooring can take the entire home decor to the next level, accentuating the interior settings and establishing coordination between interiors and traditions. So, if you wish to upgrade your floor tiles design to change the vibe, the atmosphere, and the look of your home, get ready to embark on a journey into the world of traditional floor tiles. Here are some fantastic floor tile options that can impart timeless elegance to the look of your interiors, and above all, at a reasonable tile price in Chennai. 

Traditional Floor Tile Designs for Chennai’s Homes

Earthy Terracotta

A wooden adirondack chair.

Terracotta is a clay-based material which is known for its unique rustic and earthy elegance. It is widely used as art and building materials across rural and urban India. However, when it comes to flooring, they are not quite suitable as its raw material, clay, is highly porous and can soak up dampness. So, if you are looking for a floor look that recreates the earthy impression of terracotta flooring, opt for terracotta tiles, which are digitally printed to create the same look of terracotta. If you prefer a simple and plain floor look, you can get any plain terracotta tile design, such as HP Plain Terracotta and OPV Plain Terracotta. Also, if you would like a design on floor tiles, go for patterned terracotta tiles, like HP Button Terracotta and HRP Wavelock Cotto

Elegant Limestone

An image of a hallway in a modern building.

Limestone flooring has been used in India to symbolise timeless elegance and sophistication for centuries. As they are expensive, people opt for their manmade counterparts, i.e., limestone floor tiles, which inherit the natural beauty of the natural limestone. You can come across several pleasing designs that can easily blend into various architectural styles and interior settings. Whether you prefer to get a classic or rustic floor look, you can also go for a stunning limestone floor tiles design, such as PGVT Limestone Silver Grey and DGVT Limestone Beige. To elevate the interior space’s beauty further and amplify the timeless elegance of the space, you can pair any limestone floor tile with the same limestone wall tiles design and create a seamless look. 

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Luxurious Sandstone

Empty room with white walls and wooden floors.

Looking for a floor tile design that can provide a sense of luxury to your traditional home decor? Go for the sandstone floor tiles, which come with a natural elegance and can instantly add a sense of refinement and sophistication to any space. From cosy living rooms to relaxing bathrooms, you can use sandstone tiles to not only enhance your space’s beauty quotient but also boost its usability. Even though sandstone flooring is quite popular in India, people prefer to stick to the classic and natural-looking design on floor tiles, which are of lighter tones, such as BHF Sandstone Beige FT. However, if you are not afraid of trying something new in your traditional home setting, go for a more refined sandstone tile option, like BHF Sandstone Grey FT, to add a twist of modernity to your space. 

Undertone Cement 

A living room with a white couch and blue pillows.

Since the 1860s, cement tiles have been one of the most practical and elegant flooring solutions for spaces. Nowadays, you can find them in hundreds of designs, ranging from a plain tile option for a minimalist look to intricate patterns for making a statement, which can easily transform any dull space look into a stunning one while boosting the usability of the space. Also, these tiles come in a bunch of colours, and you can choose the one that goes well with your interior setting and matches the traditional vibe you want to create in your space. If you like the classic cement floor look, go for tile options like DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey LT, and you can easily pair it up with a one or two-tone darker cement wall tiles design to add visual interest. However, if you are looking for a cement tiles option besides the grey colours, consider a beige-coloured tiles design, such as DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Creama, which can add warmth and elevate the cosiness of your space. 

Classic Checkerboard

A black and white checkered floor in a living room.

The checkerboard floor tile design is a classic and elegant flooring look that is quite versatile and eye-catching. This floor look is created by laying black and white tiles in a diagonal format, which leads to creating a balance of order, cohesion, and punch. You can opt for plain white floor tiles, such as GFT BHF Plain White and anti-skid tiles, like HFM Anti-Skid Simple White. For the contrasting colour, i.e., black, opt for black tiles, like BFM EC Nero Black and ODM Nexa Granule Plus Black (Plain Black). You can easily create a captivating floor look. Also, you can make the checkerboard floor look even more interesting by using a veined design on floor tiles, i.e., black and white marble floor tiles, such as HLP Level Portoro Gold and BDM Statuario Vein Marble 

Timeless Wooden 

A living room with hardwood floors.

Wood is an integral part of traditional South Indian homes. Be it wooden flooring or wooden furniture; people love to infuse the warmth of the natural elements in their interiors and give them a cosy look. So, if you want to go for wooden flooring and elevate with wooden furniture, go for it. For the flooring, you can consider an excellent wooden floor tiles design, like HLP Level Walnut Wood and HBG Venezia Oak Wood DK. Also, if you would like a patterned floor look using wooden tiles, consider herringbone wooden tiles, like DR DGVT Double Herringbone Wood. Besides, you can also explore weathered wooden tile options, like GFT FT Burma Teak Wenge and SDG Coco Wood DK, that offer a unique wooden texture and appeal for the flooring. To boost the rustic appeal in your space, you can pair the wooden tiles with cool, metallic accents and any neutral-toned wall tiles design. 


From the old-world charm of herringbone wooden tiles to the diagonal arrangement tiles for a checkerboard floor look, you can establish a nice visual interest in your space using different floor tile designs. So, consider the above tile designs if you want to infuse a promising floor tiles design that can blend and upgrade your traditional home setting in Chennai. Reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore a vast collection of traditional tile designs at an affordable price at tile shop in Chennai and create stunning interior decors that reflect your culture and traditions. 

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