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Transform Your Space: Impact of Decorative Wall Tiles In Your Home

People are now more aware of the interior of their homes, and the use of decorative wall tiles in their spaces is one trend that is truly taking off. No, we are not talking about the plain old bathroom tiles; we’re talking about various textures, patterns, and colours of tiles that people are incorporating into the walls, making everyone fall in love. 

There has to be some reflection of our style in our house, but with a few tricks and tips, you can select areas and incorporate decorative wall tiles and design ideas into your space. You can trust Orientbell Tiles in this process, as they offer a huge selection of high-quality, stylish tiles for every space, including living room wall decor wall tiles, bedroom, kitchen, dining area, outdoors, and more. So, let’s look deeper into this and explore the world of decorative wall tiles!

  • Transform Your Living Room!

This place is meant to chill, relax, entertain, and create memories. Well, the living room needs a contagious energy that can instantly make your guests comfortable. So, why forget the usual wall paint and try something new? Decorative wall tiles are taking the internet by storm and are a fantastic way to change the overall vibe of your house without stressing much.  

Accent Wall

Want a wall that stands out? Cover it in tiles! You can pick bold patterns with the newly launched touch-and-feel tiles.  One from the collection is Sugar Plume Abstract Art Multi, and if you run your hand across the surface, you’ll feel a texture like tiny grains of sugar. It will grab everyone’s attention and set the mood for the room.

Once you have selected tiles for the special wall, match them with the floor tiles designs for the living room. If there are lots of patterns on the wall, keep the floor simple with large, light-coloured tiles like winner-sandune or maybe pcg-swan-marble. It makes the room feel balanced and not too crowded.

  • Revamp Your Kitchen with Wall Tiles

When you are revamping every space in your house, why not the kitchen? We have some amazing tips with which you can transform the walls and the entire look of your kitchen. 

Decorative wall tiles come in various colours and finishes, with which you can get a clean and classic look. Add a modern touch with odh-galaxy-flora-hl tiles. Or you can try and add something in bold geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, or chevrons like OTF Ted Baker Mosaic. It creates a visually interesting backsplash that makes a statement. But if you are not looking for a fully tiled kitchen? Create a designated area of interest with an accent wall with tiles like ODG Agota Mosaic Grey Light. The glossy finish and mosaic design add a touch of drama to your kitchen.

  • Safe & Beautiful Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms need to be calm and safe. The presence of water adds a risk factor, so choosing the right tile for the wall is a must.

Choose tiles specifically designed for shower walls, or wash basin back walls. Ceramic-like odg-thunder-blue on the wall can instantly give a soothing effect with its light blue shade. It is a popular option due to its water resistance and ease of maintenance properties.

Go with sdg-dry-brown floor tile to create a sleek, modern look. Opt for colours that complement your overall bathroom design. Consider loreno-gold for a luxurious and elegant look as they mimic real marble. This adds a touch of sophistication without the high cost of real stone.

For a modern and minimalist aesthetic, consider using glossy tiles like SDH Dry Leaf HL 3. The beautiful subtle floral print makes the ambience beautiful. 

  • Bedroom Wall Tiles For A Soothing Experience!

Create a stunning style with a feature wall tiled in a design that you like. Orientbell Tiles offers a wide variety of options, from the bold stone look with ehm-linear-stone-grey to a calming textured look with DR PGVT Pulpis Marble Grey that mimics the look of marble tile. You can even get the wall tile, carving-decor-autumn-multi-leaf in your bedroom, as it has a beautiful autumn leaf design which exudes soft vibes in your bedroom. 

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  • Take Your Outdoors Up a Notch with Tiles

Enhance your patio with weather-resistant decorative outdoor wall tiles that look like natural stone, have a geometric pattern or even a 3d design similar to that in HEG 3D Brick Multi in the image shown. This adds beauty with a 3-dimensional effect along with durability and makes your outdoor living area even more inviting.​​ Whereas if you want a rustic and tough look in your patio or outdoor area, stone is the answer. The EHG Cliffstone Beige Multi comes in a ceramic body and the looks of stone with a gloss on it. No matter what decor you choose or what type of flooring it is, this wall tile goes well with each one of them.


From captivating living rooms to luxurious outdoor spaces, decorative wall tiles have the power to elevate your house. They add a touch of personality, a burst of colour, or even a whole new vibe, making your home truly unique. Weather-resistant tiles for your patio, waterproof designs for your shower, cool tiles for your terrace, and elegant mosaics for your backsplash—Orientbell Tiles has it all! Browse their vast selection and get inspired by endless design possibilities. 

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