Due to this pandemic situation, everybody is avoiding to step out of their homes. But you still need to buy tiles for remodelling your homes, or offices, right? For making this possible, Orientbell has launched a new feature on its website called “TriaLook” which allows you to visualise your spaces with the chosen tiles. Yes! You can now see how your living room, kitchen, or bathroom will look with the tiles that you like.


And to everyone’s surprise, the TriaLook tool is straightforward to use with just a few clicks on your smartphones or laptops ( for a better experience). You do not have to be tech-savvy to make it work.

All you need to do is visit the Orientbell website, and select the tile that you like after navigating through the entire range. Now scroll down and click on “See this tile in my room” option and upload a photo of your room. In just a few seconds, you will be able to visualize your space with the chosen tile. The TriaLook feature will make your spaces come to life with a real look and feel. You can also click on the Tile Visualizer option available at the top right side of the website. Share this picture with your friends and family and make the correct decision.

TriaLook allows you to pick the tiles that are best suited for you according to your style, colour choices, and other preferences. Even if you visit one of our stores, this feature will help you to choose the perfect tiles in no time. Selecting tiles for different places is now easier than ever before with the Orientbell’s new TriaLook feature.