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13 Wall Texture Designs for a Stylish Home Makeover

Wall Texture Designs

Wall texture designs are an essential aspect of interior decor, adding depth, character, and visual interest to any space. Whether it’s a subtle texture or a bold pattern, these designs transform ordinary walls into captivating focal points. From smooth finishes to intricate motifs, wall texture designs offer endless possibilities for creating unique and inviting environments that reflect personal style and elevate the overall ambiance of a room.

Let us dive into the world of wall texture including interior wall texture and exterior wall texture in this blog.

What are Wall Texture Designs?

Before we move on to the different styles and types of wall textures such as brick wall texture, stone wall texture, concrete wall texture, wall tiles texture, and many more let us first look at the basics- what exactly is a wall texture?

Wall texture design is a simple yet efficient way to add a unique and amazing touch to the surface of any interior or exterior wall of your home (or even your office). There are many different ways you can add texture to your walls using different materials such as concrete, stones, bricks, wood, fabric, bamboo, paper, etc. but you can also add textures through the means of paint. For wall texture paint, different additives such as binders, pigments, and particles are added to regular or basic paint. These additives provide the paint with a texture that when applied on walls can be used to create a masterpiece of wall texture design. In fact, a single textured paint, if used creatively, can be used to create numerous designs and patterns.

Textures are helpful because they can not only change the way your house looks, but can also hide imperfections in your walls. They can also be used to create stunning visuals and optical illusions. Another factor that makes them pretty great is that they do not require a lot of maintenance.

Let us now have a look at various wall texture designs and the areas of the home in which they can be used.

Wall Texture Designs: Where to Use?

Here are a few tips that get you inspired.

Hall Wall Texture Designs

The living room is the first room that anyone sees when they enter your house, and as they say – first impression is the last impression, which is why it is important to choose a living room wall texture that oozes luxury and panache. Classy textures include natural wood, marble, and other similar textures that will scream decadence.

Look no further than Tiles Shop for these wonderful textures. Your home design will reach a completely new level of elegance thanks to their extensive assortment of high-quality materials. The tiles shop offers everything you need, whether you’re going for a classic appearance with deep wood grains or the sumptuous appeal of marble. Pair it with some elegant furniture, such as center table and sofas, for added glory.

Wall Texture Designs for Bedroom

The bedroom is an integral part of any house as you come here to sleep, relax, and be at peace. A good texture idea for a bedroom would be hues of purple or pink. Both these colours look glamorous and royal and are versatile enough to be paired with other colours. Textures such as leafy stencils and bamboo looks great in the bedroom.

Modern Wall Texture Design for Dining Rooms

While dining rooms are rapidly becoming a fantasy for many, if you are blessed with one, you can make it look even better by introducing texture on the walls. Modern wall texture designs such as pipes and an overall industrial look looks great in dining rooms. If you want something more elegant, you may choose grasscloth or glass texture too.

Best wall texture design for Home offices

As more and more people are working from home now, home offices have become an important part of our homes. To make your home office look good and be more functional you can add texture to the walls. One of the most popular textures for home offices is using papers. You can even add a decoupage effect to your walls in your home-office for a fancy, ‘professional’ look.

Exterior wall texture design

While people tend to focus more on the interior walls while decorating their homes, exterior wall cladding texture designs work as an instant facelift for your house. Marble, natural stone, pebbles, and glass are ideal choices for external walls. You can also choose bricks and other similar textures for exterior walls for a more rustic look.

Wall Texture Patterns for Bathroom

Don’t ignore the bathroom when choosing wall textures! While it may prove to be a bit difficult to use textured paint and other items in bathrooms (and kitchens) you can always use wall tiles to add texture. Printed tiles, such as these, can add a smooth yet printed ‘texture’ to the bathroom walls, making it an exciting place.

Wall Texture Ideas for Kitchen

Kitchen wall tiles texture ideas include printed tiles, mosaic tiles, wood, metal, glass, and lots more. But if you prefer to add ‘true’ texture then you are free to choose textured tiles as well. While bamboo, natural wood, and other similar organic textures can work in the kitchen, it might prove to be difficult to maintain them in the longer run.

Stylish and Latest Texture Design For Wall

Go Back to Nature with Wooden Textures

With the help of wood you can create organic, lively, and natural wall textures in your own house that will remind you of old royal houses and homely cabins. Wood wall texture designs have a stunning natural look that can add a lot of panache and texture to any house or building. It is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.

You don’t have to use real wood to achieve this effect, you can use many coats of paints all in different shades of browns and yellows (with a dash of red) along with different textured paints together to create a wooden finish. You may need to apply several thick coats of the paint for a long-lasting and ‘woody’ finish. Common wood-like finishes include honey oak, brown, black walnut, etc. Brown wall texture inspired by natural wood is one of the most popular contemporary trends as it is modern with classic vintage elegance.

If you want a more lasting and easy-to-apply wooden texture effect then do consider wooden wall tiles texture, which combines the aesthetics of natural wood without the hassle of dealing with lots of different paints.

Modern Glass Wall Texture

You can make your whole wall look like made out of glass with the help of glass wall texture. The market is full of textured glass stickers as well as mirror stickers that can be installed in various patterns to create a stunning wall that will look just like a cathedral.

Connect With Your Roots With Rustic Wood Wall Texture

If you want the effect of wood but want it to be as ‘natural’ and rustic and possible then rustic wood wall texture is perfect for you. It can help you create a retro-inspired wall texture design. Rustic wall texture designs are back in fashion again thanks to the popularity of the cottagecore aesthetic. Rustic texture wall design can be used to create a lovely, inspire-by-nature bedroom, or you can use it in your living room for a warm interior.

Hawk and Trowel Drywall Texture For Your House

Hawk and trowel are two most common tools that are used by construction workers for plastering walls. But these tools can also be used to create textured wall finishes for your interior as well as exterior walls. These will provide a rough and rustic look to your walls. If done in greys, it may even mimic the look of cement and concrete. Great for people who love industrial look and minimalism.

Brick Wall Texture Design for A Rough Charm

Exposed brick texture is a visual treat if done right. It is perfect for people who want to have a combination of classy, vintage, and retro look in their house or even on the exterior walls. For an authentic, but time-consuming and difficult to maintain effect, you may choose to expose your bricks, however, a much easier way to achieve this is through the means of wallpaper or a brick-patterned rug set right in front of your television set. Another way to add the exposed bricks look to your walls is with the help of tiles making it perfect for backsplashes, bathrooms, and more.

The brick wall texture seamlessly adds the illusion of a solid brick wall, but is easy to maintain and clean. It is perfect for interiors as well as outdoors.

Patterned Wallpapers

An easy way to add texture to your walls is using wall wallpaper texture. Nowadays , many wallpapers are available in various textures that can add a great look to your walls without spending a lot of time or money.

Modern Textured Paint Designs For Your Perusal

One of the simplest ways to incorporate texture into your house is through textured paint. You can keep it simple with just a couple of textures and paints, or you can take things further using wall texture design paint and add motifs that reflect your personal style. If you would like to add motifs and similar design elements, you must make sure that the texture of the wall is not too rough otherwise the motifs won’t sit well. For larger walls, you can add large motifs which will make the walls seem even larger. Adding motifs and similar elements is definitely one of the best textured wall paint ideas.

Natural Stone Wall Texture Ideas

Stone wall texture and wall marble texture are two of the many options that come under natural stone textures for walls. These are sure to make your bedroom (or any other room for that matter) look bold, elegant, and opulent. Combined with statement furniture pieces, you can achieve a classy yet industrial look in no time. While a marble or stone-like effect can be achieved using paint, if you want the walls to shine bright then consider getting wall tiles designed like marble and stone instead. This will make your job much easier and you will be able to clean the tiles in no time.

Printed Grasscloth

Grasscloth, which was a rage back in the 70s, has made a glorious comeback thanks to nature-inspired decor. Grasscloth is a type of wallcovering that is generally made out of natural fibers such as seagrass, jute, hemp, etc. While plain grasscloth is enough to add texture to your walls, you can take it to the next level by choosing printed grasscloth. There are many different designs and patterns to choose from, making printed grasscloth a great choice. One of the most popular shades of grasscloth is available in is green wall texture that connects you to the beauty of nature right in your living room.

Use Neutral Tiles For an Understated Look

Don’t underestimate neutral tiles as these can surely change the way your room looks by adding an understated charm to it. Neutral shaded tiles such as ivory, white, beige, etc. can be combined with various other shades as accent walls.

For instance, neutral wall tile textures such as grey wall texture and beige wall textures can be combined with bolder textures including yellow wall texture, pink wall texture, and blue wall texture as accent pieces that will surely catch your eye and will not make the room feel a lot.

Rustic View Wall Texture For Your House

For a rustic or rough wall texture you may use basic paint and then use aluminium foil or jute fabric to create bold prints on the wall. This will create a rustic yet elegant look that is sure to catch all the eyes.

The Royal Purple Wall Texture Inspiration

While many different modern interior wall textures exist, nothing says royalty like purple textures. Purple is one of the most iconic wall colour texture for people who want to decorate their bedroom to suit a king (or a queen). It can lend a majestic appearance to your bedroom. Purple textured paint looks velvety on your walls, and if combined with gold accents and furniture, your room will feel as if it’s come right out of a French painting.

Concrete and Cement Textures For An Industrial Look

Concrete cement wall texture design are quite popular with people who love minimalism. It adds a perfect industrial charm to your house and provides it with a unique look that looks rich, but is quite affordable. For easy maintenance, tiles that mimic the look of concrete and cement are perfect for your walls.

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