Do not let your small bathroom make you feel like the walls are closing in on you.

Do you have a small bathroom space and long for a spacious one? Whether you live your dream or not, you can make the most out of it by using some design knowledge and visual strategies to give it a larger look. Do not let your small bathroom make you feel like the walls are closing in on you. From the right choice of colour combinations that can trick your eye and create illusions to the laying pattern, here we will let you know how the bathroom tiles can visually increase the size of your bathroom.

      1. Go Airy with White and Natural Shades:

Natural shades and pastel tiles can help you style up a tiny bathroom to seem a lot bigger, airy and spacious. Natural shade walls and floor tiles from the house of Orientbell, with similar cabinets, are enhancing the elegant and refreshing look of this bathroom setup.

    2. Tiling to the Ceiling

The key to making a small bathroom look bigger is eliminating as many visual obstructions as you can. Tile to the ceiling for a seamless look and making a small bathroom appear more spacious.

    3. Blend in the Shower Area

Contrasting colours in the shower area and the rest of the bathroom visually cuts the space in half. In smaller bathrooms, extending bathroom wall tiles to the shower area also gives an effect of an unbroken surface that makes the entire room seem larger, as with the yellow and white wall tiles in this bathroom space.

    4. Use Single Colour Tiles

Use tone on tone, for your bathroom walls and floor to visually stretch the width of the space and make it look airy and spacious. The look achieved with the wood brown tiles is serene, without visual breaks to diminish your perception of the space.

    5. Use Glossy Tiles

Glossy wall tiles bounce the light around and amplify the space. An artistic experiment with the Orientbell’s glossy tiles in a vast range of colour options can work wonders for your small bathroom space.

    6. Create Long Lines

Creating long lines using tiles can help emphasize the longest line in your room and draw attention to the widest point. Such as the beautiful blue wave tiles used on this bathroom wall.

    7. Patterned Floor Tile

patterned tile on the bathroom floor, with plain neutral shades tile on walls, is giving the illusion of a larger space.

 8. Tile Laying Pattern

The pattern of laying the tiles also has a visual effect on the length and width of the room. Blue tiles installed vertically are beautifully adding to the height and making space look larger than it is.

   9. Tiled Backsplash

Tiled backsplash in the widest point of the bathroom draws attention and highlights the wider area.

  10. Pushing the Walls Apart

This bathroom uses the direction of the long, elegant wall tiles, as well as a band of accent tile, to visually stretch the width of the room for a more balanced look and a less tunnel-like atmosphere.

    11. Merging Dark and Light

Having a dark or lively colour near the floor and contrasting light colour in the upper half makes the room feel even more open and airy. The sea dolphin bathroom wall tiles from Orientbell are impressively using the small space.