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2024’s Top 5 Tile Trends: Elevate Your Home With Style!

3d rendering of a living room with wooden furniture and plants.

Embarking on a home renovation journey is an exciting endeavour, and choosing the right tiles can significantly influence the ambience of your space. In 2024, tile trends are all about infusing warmth, character, and a touch of nature into your home. Let’s explore the top 5 tile trends that are set to redefine your living spaces and elevate your home renovation project.

1. Warm Colours Tiles: Adding a Cozy Aura

A balcony with a wicker chair and potted plants.

In the ever-evolving world of home design, warm colours are making a strong comeback, and tiles are at the forefront of this trend. The warm colour palette encompasses rich, earthy tones such as deep terracottas, warm browns, and soft beiges. These hues create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, transforming any room into a comfortable retreat. Imagine stepping into a living room adorned with large-format warm-coloured tiles, setting the stage for relaxation and warmth. The versatility of warm-coloured tiles makes them suitable for various applications, from kitchen floors to bathroom walls.

Application Tips:

  • Living Room: Opt for large-format warm-coloured tiles to create a seamless, welcoming space inviting relaxation.
  • Kitchen: Choose textured warm-coloured tiles for a rustic and inviting kitchen backsplash that complements various cabinet styles.
  • Bathroom: Incorporate warm-toned tiles on both floors and walls to create a spa-like retreat, enhancing overall comfort.

2. Terrazzo Tiles: Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist

A bathroom with a white tile floor and a sink.

Terrazzo, with its classic allure, is experiencing a renaissance in contemporary home design. Composed of marble, quartz, and glass chips set in concrete or resin, terrazzo tiles offer a unique and timeless elegance. The trend extends beyond traditional flooring, with terrazzo making its mark on countertops, backsplashes, and even accent walls. The versatility of terrazzo allows for creative expressions, making it an ideal choice for those looking to infuse their spaces with sophistication and character.

Application Tips:

  • Entryway: Make a grand statement with a terrazzo floor pattern that sets the tone for the entire home, creating a visually stunning and welcoming entrance.
  • Kitchen: Choose terrazzo tiles for a stylish and easy-to-maintain countertop that complements various cabinet styles, adding a touch of luxury to your culinary space.
  • Bathroom: Incorporate terrazzo accents in the shower area or as a feature wall to add a touch of opulence, transforming your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

3. Wooden Tiles: Nature’s Warmth, Durable Elegance

An image of a wooden floor in a kitchen.

Wooden tiles continue to be a popular choice for homeowners seeking the warmth of natural wood with the durability of tile. In 2024, this trend is evolving beyond traditional plank formats, with wooden tiles taking on diverse patterns and finishes. Whether you opt for a classic herringbone pattern in the living room or weathered wood-look tiles for a rustic kitchen, the versatility of wooden tiles brings nature’s warmth indoors without compromising on practicality.

Application Tips:

  • Living Room: Create a cosy atmosphere with large-format wooden tiles that mimic the look of hardwood floors, introducing a timeless and inviting element.
  • Kitchen: Embrace the charm of wooden tiles for a farmhouse-style kitchen floor or backsplash, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your culinary space.
  • Bedroom: Install wooden tiles in a chevron pattern for a stylish and timeless bedroom floor, combining sophistication with natural warmth.

Check out our sizzling tile trend video – where innovation meets inspiration. Don’t just follow trends; set them! 


4. Floral Tiles: Bringing the Outdoors In

A living room with a grey and white tiled wall.

Floral tiles adorned with intricate floral patterns introduce a lively and vibrant element to any space. Whether used as a captivating backsplash in the kitchen, an accent wall in the bathroom, or a charming floor pattern in the living room, floral tiles have a versatile appeal.

The delicate blossoms and lush foliage featured on these tiles create a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature, making them particularly popular in areas where relaxation is paramount. 

Muted tones in floral designs evoke a classic and sophisticated ambience, while vibrant and bold hues add a playful and energetic touch to the decor. With the ability to seamlessly blend with various design styles, floral tiles prove to be an enchanting and versatile addition to contemporary interiors.

Application Tips:

  • Bathroom: Choose floral tiles for a feature wall or shower niche to create a spa-like retreat, introducing a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty.
  • Kitchen: Add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen by incorporating floral tiles as a backsplash or on open shelving, creating a lively and vibrant culinary space.
  • Living Room: Opt for floral-patterned tiles in muted tones for an elegant and sophisticated living room floor, combining classic design with a contemporary twist.

5. Onyx Look Tiles: Timeless Luxury, Modern Simplicity

A bathroom with white marble tiles and a sink.

Emulating the luxurious appearance of onyx, these tiles bring a sense of opulence to your home without the high maintenance associated with natural stone. Onyx-look tiles feature intricate veining and a polished finish, creating a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Application Tips:

  • Kitchen: Install onyx-look tiles as a stunning and low-maintenance countertop, creating a focal point that exudes luxury and modern elegance.
  • Bathroom: Create a luxurious spa-like atmosphere by incorporating onyx-look tiles in the shower area or as a vanity backsplash, transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary of style.
  • Dining Room: Use onyx look tiles as a focal point for a stylish and elegant dining room floor, introducing a touch of timeless luxury to your entertaining space.


As you embark on your home renovation journey in 2024, these top 5 tile trends offer a diverse range of options to breathe new life into your living spaces. Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of earthy tones, the timeless elegance of terrazzo, the natural charm of wooden tiles, the freshness of floral patterns, or the opulence of onyx-look tiles, there’s a trend to suit every style and preference. For more design trends and ideas, visit the Orientbell Tiles Blog today!

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