What are the factors that make you select Orientbell tiles for your projects?

Nath: The tile buying process with Orientbell Tiles is very smooth because the company offers great support in terms of the product range, forthcoming launches, information about tile availability and the quantity in stock. This type of transparency is very important for smooth execution of different types of projects.

Mittal: The quality of Orientbell Tiles is superb. The best part about these tiles is that they are strong and there is no breakage when the tiles are cut into smaller sizes with laser cutting and water jet cutting techniques.

Since how many years have you been using Orientbell Tiles?

Nath: We have found a lot of resonance in working with Orienbell Tiles over the last seven to eight years since our most important criteria for tile selection has always been cost-effectiveness. The availability of a wide range of designs has made Orientbell Tiles highly suitable for the hospitality industry as well as for commercial projects because of which we have gravitated towards working with Orientbell Tiles.

Mittal: We have been using Orienbell Tiles since quite a long time and plan to use them in our forthcoming projects as well. We extensively use tiles from the Inspire series of Orientbell. Our favourite tiles from this particular series include travertine and soapstone brown. Also, the new collection of tiles from the Inspire tiles series is very good.

What makes Orientbell Tiles stand out? 

Nath: Orientbell Tiles are positioned well in the market and the most important space in which the company has made its mark is the quality of the product versus the cost of the product.

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