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Let’s Talk About the Kitchen Floors

The kitchen area is very important as it is used multiple times in a day by various family members, whether it is for your regular meals or when you are scouting the shelves for an afternoon or midnight snack. The kitchen is that corner of the house that needs special attention, especially when it comes to choosing the floor tiles. The good news is that most of the tiles available at Orientbell are suitable for kitchen flooring.

The kitchen space not only needs to have the right look, depending on your lifestyle and the overall decor of your house, but should also be clean and hygienic, which means the floor tiles should be easy to maintain.

There are many options for selecting a proper tile for your kitchen on the basis of different parameters. Here are some of the aspects you should keep in mind before choosing kitchen floor tiles.

Wide Colour and Design Choices: Tiles are available in a large variety of colours, designs and textures, especially. Matte finish tiles are a preferred choice for kitchen floors as they are not slippery.

Tiles with natural stone colour and texture are also very popular for the kitchen surface. Among some of the top options are tiles with a granite look in green colour, which looks very appealing and is a popular choice for kitchens. You can match it with your wooden cupboards and even other colours. The colour choice of the floor in a kitchen also depends on wall tiling and its colour. It is fashionable these days to use multiple coloured tiles on the kitchen floor, especially if the area is big.

Wood look tiles are also a trendy option and they are very durable. They are preferred over hardwood as they need less maintenance and are more lasting. These wood look tiles provide an exclusive look and are scratch-free. This tile appears like natural wood with very high durability and can be cleaned with water and soap without deforming the surface.

Choice of Material: Kitchen is a high traffic area. Using porcelain, forever tiles, double charged vitrified tiles makes sense as these are hard and resilient materials. In the current scenario one must consider Germ-Free Tiles for the kitchen floors to ensure maximum safety of you and your loved ones.

There is a high likelihood that you may drop something on the kitchen floor, which means they need to be storing and highly durable. Also, it is always advisable to use a non-acidic, anti-bacterial cleaner for the kitchen floor. There are several floor cleaners available and to keep the tile gloss intact, ensure you choose carefully.

The Latest Trend in Floor Tiles Selection

Subtle colors to go with vibrant walls or subtle kitchen look or even choosing unique color options for your kitchen floors.

Kitchen floors can be played with and can reflect your personality. Tiles make the most feasible option has they are easy to clean and don’t stain easily.

Popular kitchen floors are in light tones like white, grey and beige. You can even experiment with wooden tiles which are gradually gaining popularity in kitchen floor, designer tiles, black tiles. You can even mix and match the kitchen floors.

Ways to Match Floor Tiles with Cabinets: The entire get up of your kitchen can be altered by proper matching of the colour of your kitchen floor tiles and cabinets. However, you do not have to worry as finding something to coordinate with your kitchen cabinet is not a difficult job when you choose from the Orientbell’s collection of tiles from their exhaustive catalogue.

Choose kitchen floor tiles with Orientbell Tiles. You can also explore visual search tool – SameLook to find tiles that you liked somewhere and find not one, two but 20 options in similar looking pattern or color.

You also visit your nearest Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore a huge variety of kitchen floor tiles.


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