Sanitize The Frequently Touched Areas Thoroughly

Considering your office/workspace/shop was closed for a very long period due to the lockdown, the first thing you would want is to wipe off the debris and dust followed by disinfecting it with alcohol-based disinfectant cleaners. Frequently touched areas or objects like doorknobs, chair handles, countertops, keyboards, mouse, elevator buttons, switches, and coffee/tea dispensers must be sanitized at frequent intervals during the day.

It is the best choice to opt for sanitization services available in the market to do a professional job for you. Deep cleaning services available are equally helpful as they can clean the areas that are invisible to us, the professionals will help you get rid of all the dirt and gunk collected in your workspace.

Disinfect High-Risk Areas Frequently

There are certain areas in a corporate office or other workplaces that are at higher risk compared to the other areas. These areas include elevators, staircases, washrooms, lobby, conference rooms, reception, and entrance, as they are visited by every person entering the office. Hence it is very crucial to disinfect these areas frequently or multiple times in a day. Make sure that the worker disinfecting these areas wears PPE kits and uses all the safety measures while using the alcohol-based sanitizer.

Also, computers, scanners/printers must be wiped with tissue with just a little amount of sanitizer, as excessive use of these chemicals can harm your devices.

Go Germ-Free Forever

If you are planning to redesign or rebuild your commercial spaces before getting back to work, it is a great deal to invest in germ-free tiles. At this time of the pandemic, it is very important to keep our workspaces free from all kinds of germs and bacteria for a healthier environment. Orinetbell’s range of germ-free tiles is one of the most innovative technologies available in the market that can provide a helping hand in keeping the area hygienic. These tiles come with an antimicrobial layer which kills 99% germs and other microorganisms that come into contact with the walls and flooring of your spaces. Available in vitrified and ceramic bodies, these tiles are the safest & one of the most efficient ways to fight germs. Choose a germ-free version of all your favorite tiles here.

Consider Redesigning Your Workspace

Since this is the time when we need to work together but without actually sitting together, redesigning your spaces can be a great idea. You can renovate to create more space in your offices or workshops so that the employees can sit farther away from each other. For this, you can join your ancillary areas,  lobby or hallway in your meeting rooms, or other work areas. This will help a lot in practicing social distancing and creating a safer working environment.

Follow the Guidelines Issued by the Government

Apart from following the norms of social distancing and wearing masks all the time, it is important to follow the set of guidelines issued by the central and state government. These guidelines include setting up hand-sanitizing stations at the entrance and near all the high contact surfaces. Besides, one should encourage co-workers, employees to clean their workstations or areas in front of them with a disinfecting wipe before starring, and after completing your work. Also, make sure that all the employees are seated at a distance from each other.

Washrooms or restrooms in commercial places are one of the areas with higher risk, as they are used by a large number of people. According to the guidelines, workers must disinfect toilet seats, washroom’s doors, handlers, taps, and basins frequently with an alcohol-based sanitizer. All the cleaning equipment should be soaked in a bleach solution before and after use. Wearing PPE kits for such workers is very important.

Encourage Contactless Payments & Deliveries

The exchange of currency brings a whole lot of germs and bacteria with them. So, it is advisable to practice contactless business and encourage your clients to pay through online modes. This will reduce the chance of germs or viruses to come in contact with you or your staff. Also, make sure to clean and disinfect the counter, desk, elevator buttons, and crockery used by anyone coming from outside.

Don’t Touch Unless Important

We all want to touch and feel before purchasing any products be it tiles, or apparel. Make it a standard practice to let your customers touch only those few products that they are convinced about. And once they have made their purchase and left your store or office, make sure to disinfect the products, countertops, chair handles, and all those surfaces that have come in their contact to maintain the safety & hygiene of your workspace.

Finally, the time has come, when we have to get our businesses back on track while maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for both the staff and customers. Disinfecting the office upon opening is the first step towards keeping the workplace safe and clean. Ensure you are taking all possible measures to keep your offices and commercial places germ-free. The new normal requires innovative ways to keep the virus at bay without affecting business and economy at large.

Do let us know what you are doing to keep the germ at bay and your workspaces clean.