Situations and circumstances like these need to be addressed for a longer period than just tackling the immediate cause.

While we know you are taking all the necessary steps to keep your homes and other spaces disinfected and clean it is now time to take steps to be prepared for any such situations in the future.

While you look out for sanitizers, soaps, floor cleaners that kill harmful germs and bacteria, how about you lookout for a solution that will last longer and give round the clock protection to your family.

Orientbell Tiles’ patent-pending Germ-Free Tiles is a one-stop product that not only is easy to clean or durable but also kills 99% germs upon contact.

If you are planning to build or renovate your home or commercial space lookout for germ-free feature to fight harmful bacteria and fungi

Germ-free protection round the clock

Germs are so tiny that they creep into your walls, floor & even into your bodies without being noticed. They live and multiple on the surfaces and make it their habitat.

Germ-free tiles are manufactured using an antimicrobial layer which fights against germs killing 99% of them upon contact.

Microbes generally spread faster through multiple skin-surface contacts &, human precautions and cleaning cycles are subject to fallacy. Anti-microbial surface works effectively between mopping cycles. Hence, keeping your family safe from over a thousand types of bacteria and fungi.

It is hence a perfect choice for schoolsofficeshospitals, homes & other commercial spaces.

Choose protection & style

Germ-free tiles by Orientbell are not just manufactured to give you protection from harmful bacteria & germs but are available in an array of designs and patterns in both vitrified and ceramic bodies. Now bring world-class technology with style that keeps germs at bay.

Suited for all types of spaces, the designs have the ability to not just adorn your floors but look beautiful when laid on walls of kitchen and bathrooms.

Bathroom walls are prone to germs like no other space in the house and don’t let health hazards cause germs to penetrate on the walls.

Long-Lasting Protection for all your spaces

The germ-free tiles are developed and designed keeping in mind various spaces and personalities. There is something for every space and everyone. Install them at home, on floors, walls, or as an accent wall to protect every corner of your house. It is a must for those with children or elderly citizens who are more prone to catching infection due to invisible bacteria and germs.

It is a perfect choice for schools and hospitals where the chances of catching infections due to human touch and surface contact are the maximum. Use them at your commercial & office spaces with design and patterns of your choice. They look nice and last very long, becoming a cost-effective option than other flooring and wall painting options.

Germ-free tiles are the most durable and long-lasting solution to protect your loved ones and you.