Leaving our Earth, each of these designs are inspired from other 8 Planets in the Solar System, namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. All of these planets represent a Different texture, material and hue based on its Topography and Landscape and so does the range’s tile reflects.

Zenith, the new Range of Stylish and durable Floor are Double Charge vitrified tiles introducing fresh, Unique Texture and shades in your Favorite Spaces. Be it Residential or Commercial, they are quintessential for all areas. Zenith, literally meaning, the Highest or Peak Point one can attain, is Orientbell’s best foot Forward, Yet. With our DC Range, these Stylish tile designs are an epitome of the unique and durable floor tiles Design infusing Freshness and Choice.

These tiles are made by infusing two layers of substrates together which makes the tile stronger than most standard floor tiles. Base layer of vitrified body provides great support to design layer. Upper layer can bear high wear and tear Providing Continuous shine and better Aesthetics.


Inspired by grayish-white Surface of the mercury, the sunlight is brighter on this planet making the surface look whiter and brighter. The Tile Design is bright, monotonous yet calm. This effect is due to its proximity with the sun. These String Floor tiles are ideal tiles for Bedrooms, Living areas and Commercial Spaces.


This shade reflects the Solid surface of Venus inspired by volcanic landscapes covered with High Volcanic Mountains and vast ridged plateaus. This Tile Design has a Brown base with irregular beige and black patches giving these Floor tiles an effect of a Rocky terrain making it a very stylish tile. Suitable for rooms with light colored walls or as Highlighter Tiles and good for any commercial Spaces.


Inspired by beautiful red Martian dust, the charcoal Red Surface shade has a beautiful combination of red and black swirls. The dust on the planet is because of the oxidation of iron on the rocks and it appears covered by rust and appears reddish in Color. These Floor tiles are also suitable for rooms with light colored walls as a Highlighter or for commercial Spaces.


Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and has orange Colored Cold Swirls, made up of Windy Clouds of water and Gases floating in an atmosphere of hydrogen and Helium. This Floor Tile Design has Foggy Beige Base with charcoal Grey overlay just like gases floating in the Atmosphere. These String floor tile Design is Evergreen shade and can be used on any flooring.


This Floor Tile Design is inspired by Saturn’s Creamish Surface and is the only planet that has density lighter than water. The Smooth crème Base and light beige Texture makes it Suitable floor tile for any Space.


Uranus planet gets its bluish Green planet in color from methane gas in the atmosphere through which Sunlight Passes and is reflected by the Uranus’s Cloud. These tiles have a Light Beige base and green Color Patches above it as the hovering Clouds. These String Floor tiles are Suitable tiles for any space – be it residential or commercial.


The Second last Planet in the solar system is Neptune. This tile design is inspired by its dark, cold and Blue Surface made of ice of the planet having base of Grayish blue, dark grey and white color patches. These Floor tiles go well for rooms with light colored walls, as a highlighter or any for commercial Spaces.


The Last planet, Pluto is farthest from the sun, has a rocky core surrounded by mantle of ice and frozen brown mountains on the surface. This tile Design has light beige base and coffee colored Swirls above it. These Floor tiles are Suitable for kitchens, Balcony, lobby Area, or as a highlighter.