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How to Pick the Perfect Italian Marble Tile for Your Home Interiors?

Are you planning to bring the luxurious appearance and timeless charm of Italian marble designs into your home? Then, go for them to turn your vision into reality. The Italian marble designs offer the most classic way to elevate any space’s decor. Whether your home needs a complete overhaul or a simple makeover, choosing the right Italian marble tile design is vital for ensuring your vision comes to life. In this blog, we will discuss how the beauty of the Italian marble tiles can change the home decor game for you. Let’s help you make an informed decision on the right Italian marble tiles for your home. 

The Timeless Elegance of Italian Marble Tile Designs

The Italian marble designs are known for their power to exude timeless elegance to spaces. That’s why these marble designs have been cherished for centuries, gracefully accentuating the interiors of places, museums, and many historical structures around the world. Even in modern settings, Italian marble designs are considered one of the richest and most luxurious choices to improve visual appeal. Out of many available options, most homeowners prefer Italian marble designs to ensure that their home decor stands the test of time and maintains a regal feel regardless of the current home decor trends. 

Despite real Italian marble being a favoured choice among homeowners, tiles with Italian marble designs have gained immense popularity. Thanks to the evolution of digital printing technology, you can find a wide array of tiles with Italian marble designs, starting from Calacatta to Emperador. Each of these marble tile designs carries its unique characteristics with distinctive grain and veining, enhancing its adaptability. Unlike real Italian marble, these marble tiles offer an unmatched combination of natural beauty, versatility, and durability. 

So, whether you want to pick stunning Italian floor tiles or luxurious wall tiles with marble effects to enhance your interiors, here are some tips that can help you choose the right Italian marble tile design that excels in all aspects. 

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Tips to Pick the Perfect Italian Marble Tile Design for Your Home

Determine Your Budget 

Even though Italian marble tiles come at just a fraction of authentic Italian marble costs, you must fix your budget before you explore the marble tile designs. Fixing your budget beforehand helps narrow down the marble tile options for you and prevents overspending. You can also reach out to Orientbell Tiles to explore diverse marble tile design choices and learn more about their price points for informed budgeting. Also, while setting your budget, don’t forget to consider the expenses besides tiles, i.e. the installation costs, which include labour charges, material costs, and other tools and equipment. Pay attention to every factor to avoid situations with unnecessary financial strains. 

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Consider the Space’s Purpose 

As each room in your house serves a distinct purpose, you need to align your choice of marble tiles with the usability of the room. For example, if you are picking Italian tiles for high-traffic areas like your living room or kitchen, go for Carrara or Calacatta marble tile options like PGVT Endless Carrara Marble, DR PGVT Dramatic Calacatta Marble, and SFM Calacatta Marble White. These tile options are not only stunning but also strong enough to withstand daily usage. For spaces where you prefer a luxurious feel, like bedrooms and bathrooms, you can opt for more exotic Statuario marble tile options like ODG Statuario Bianco and PGVT Endless Canova Statuario Marble, which come with stunning veining patterns that bring a sense of opulence. 

Assess Colour and Veining

Italian marble tiles come in a palette of gorgeous colours and veining patterns that can transform the appearance of any setting. If you opt for light-toned marble tile designs like PCG Carrara Venato Marble and SDG Nu Crara Bianco. However, you can consider darker marble tile designs, like DR PGVT Empire Silver Root Marble and DR Super Gloss Emperador Honey, to evoke a sense of drama and class. You can play with the colour scheme of your home and go for a marble tile colour that goes well with the rest of the setting. The veining patterns of the tiles bring more character to the marble designs, thereby, giving a distinctive personality to your space. Pick delicate, subtle veining for a minimalist look or bold, striking patterns for a dramatic look. 

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Tile Surface Finish 

The finishes of the marble tiles define their appeal and feel in your space. You can find different Italian marble texture options in the market, from glossy to textured. Glossy marble tiles like  PGVT Endless Calacatta Bianco feature a sheen look that reflects light and makes spaces look luxurious. Also, you can find matte marble tiles, like Silken Statuario Bianco Marble, that can provide a velvety appearance while serving as a better flooring option than glossy tile options. Don’t forget to consider textured marble tile choices, like Linea Statuario Gold Vein, which can offer a tactile element for a unique sensory experience. Pick the tile finish according to the atmosphere you wish to create in your home. 

Maintenance Considerations 

Whether you are picking any Italian marble tile design for your bathroom or bedroom, you must consider the maintenance needs of the tiles to preserve their beauty and integrity. Unlike real Italian marble, these tiles come with a denser body which does not allow water or stains to penetrate, thereby retaining the new-like look for years. Also, since they are crafted with advanced technologies, they are resistant to scratches and need less maintenance. These features make the marble tiles a better alternative to the real ones, allowing you to use them in different areas, starting from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom flooring. 


At Orientbell Tiles, we understand the importance of choosing the right Italian marble tiles for your home. That’s why we offer an extensive collection of marble tiles inspired by real Italian marble, available in a spectrum of colours, veining patterns, and textures, allowing you to explore several design options to choose the one for your home. For further guidance, you can visit our nearest tile store or simply visit our website for genuine assistance in marble tile selection. Whether you want to add a touch of regalness to your interiors or revamp your living space to create a stunning retreat, our Italian marble tiles will help you upgrade your home with elegance and class. 

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