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Small Home Interior Design Ideas: Optimize narrow spaces

Small homes often have certain narrow spaces which, while integral to the house, often tend to look tiny and unappealing. Narrow spaces, such as corridors, allow for the circulation of air and light and connect different areas of the house with each other. Other small spaces include pantries, pooja rooms, and in some cases even bathrooms and kitchens. While it is difficult to expand the space physically, it is possible to do so visually so that the space looks welcoming and warm. Here are some small home decor ideas by which you can maximise the narrow spaces in your homes.

Small Home Decor Idea: Feature Wall

You can improve the way a small room or space looks by using tiles to create an illusion of space and depth. Various patterns can be used to create this illusion, such as the herringbone pattern or the brick wall pattern. The combination of light and dark shades together does not take up a lot of space, but can surely lead the eyes into thinking that the space is much bigger than it really is. While the design is quite strong, it won’t overwhelm you or the space.

Small Home Designs: Transitional Between Different Areas


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A passage between rooms can be brightened up by using a transitional design between the two areas. A well-tiled plain floor with a mixed pattern on the wall can be a relief to the eye, giving the illusion of space in a narrow corridor. Use subtle shades such as thesefor transition and allow for the colours to travel. 

Storage and Convenience for Small Homes

You can use the walls of your narrow spaces, such as corridors to create a built-in storage section. Use lighter shades, such as beige and white so that the area does not look too bulky. The dark colour absorbs light, while lighter shades reflect it, making the overall room seem airy and spacious. While installing shelves and cabinets in narrow spaces, do not use doors that open out, instead choose sliding doors so that you don’t have to deal with shutters cramping the space. You can also use floating shelves that can be used to store non-perishable items such as accessories, books, trinkets, etc. If the space gets enough light you can also introduce a small succulent garden which will make the space look a lot livelier. 

Give a depth to small bathrooms

Bathrooms that have less space can get a design uplift too! You can use a graduating tile design or a wall highlight on just one wall to make the space look bigger and allow the eye some relief. This will also make the shower area seem as if it’s the natural extension of your other rooms and parts of the bathroom. It will surely make the space look much larger than it is. 

Use Different Colours

A lot of colours mixed together, especially in smaller spaces can make the space look cramped. But, if used judiciously, colours can enhance the space and may make it look much larger. Use geometric tiles and pair them with neutral tiles to create an interesting pattern. Do try to choose all the tiles of the same dimension.

Plants and Greenery

If your space gets natural light you may choose to add a few ‘small’ plants in the space to make it look fresh, organic, and green. And even if the space doesn’t get enough light, you can always choose plants that do well in shade. Do remember that smaller spaces will look a lot smaller if you add a lot of things to the space and make it cluttered. Keep it simple and amazing!

Quilt Illusion

If you are into a more rustic and country look, then you may introduce quilt-like patchwork tiles in your small spaces. These tiles will create a patchwork-like effect that will look inviting, warm, and cosy. Try to keep the furnishing minimal in this case to avoid chaos.


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While it is recommended to keep things simple and neutral in the smaller spaces in your house with tiles such as these, it does not mean that you cannot ‘jazz’ the spaces a bit by using some bold tiles. For instance, a colourful and energetic set of tiles mixed with the neutral shades mentioned above can really set the way your space looks apart. For this to work, you must keep everything neutral except the ‘bold’ set otherwise it may seem a bit too loud.


Rugs may make the room smaller if they are used in the wrong way, but by using longer rugs you can demarcate the different areas of your space to make it seem much larger. Try simple patterns or plain rugs for an appealing look.

Contrasting Shades

You can use contrasting shades of tiles in combination to create an illusion of space. This allows for the focus to shift between the two and makes the smaller space look much bigger than it is. You can also create contrast using different and contrasting shaded grout with the tile such as a dark tile with light grout.

Wood and Neutrals Together

It is quite difficult to have a tiled feature in a small homes, but you can use linking material – i.e. transitional material in the form of material, shades, or patterns to make the room look good. A tiny section of tiles can serve as a transitional space between a larger room with wood to a smaller and narrower space with tiles. Wooden plankscan be combined with rich brown tiles such as these for this look.

Sleek Furniture

Add some pieces of furniture that are appropriate to the size of the narrow space to make it more functional. These pieces can be placed along the walls and would be a great place to hang out and relax after a long busy day.

Art, Mirrors, Accessories

Mirrors are an easy way to make any space look larger. They create the illusion of a large space and can reflect artificial as well as natural light. They are also suitable for smaller spaces because they ultimately add depth to the space. 

Another way to add some drama to your smaller spaces is by using art and accessories. You can add different paintings and small trinkets to make the space look attractive. You can also add your family photographs to create a ‘memory’ wall. Do remember to avoid adding too many accessories as they may make the space look heavily cramped.

Decorative Accents and Strips

A simple way to improve the look of your narrow space using tiles is putting up a strip of decorative tiles running across the length of the wall. This is great for people who do not want to let go of their aesthetics and surely want to incorporate something that is decadent, bold, and does not make the already small space look cramped. Such tiles can also be used as the base for shelves to make them more functional. Moroccan tiles may look a bit busy, but paired with simple and plain tiles, they are sure to make your narrow space look huge.

How Can Orientbell Tiles Help?

While smaller rooms can be difficult to decorate, the wide selection of tiles that Orientbell Tiles offers can surely change the way they look.  Check out the tiles and see what suits your style and purpose. Do check the innovative  TriaLook – a tile visualisation tool that will help you visualise the tiles in your space and help you make a choice!.


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