The option of tiling has made the entire renovation process simple. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting your walls painted every other year, and tiling is a long-lasting and cheaper option in the long run. In today’s busy lives, most people look for easier and simpler solutions and tiling is just that when it comes to renovation. The installation is hassle-free, and tiles require low maintenance, provide longevity, water-resistance and several other features.

The wide range of options that are available to choose from is another reason why tiling is in high demand when it comes to rebuilding or renovating a particular space. Tiles give you various options in terms of texture, designs, colours, patterns, sizes and even grout colours.

Orientbell has always tried to come up with options that can suit different tastes and requirements. You are bound to find that perfect tile option if you check the various ranges of tiles with us. One such range is the Eleganz range. This series consists of ceramic tiles that are best suited for your walls. This series has a perfect fit for every application area, be it your kitchen area, bathroom, living room, bedroom or even a commercial setup.


Say hello to Eleganz…

As the name suggests, the Eleganz range of tiles strive to bring the element of elegance and class to any area. These are especially designed to give this particular look with their unique designs and colour themes. We have a couple of debutants too, within this range. You’ll love them as much as we do.

Eleganz tiles will help cater to your creative side and fulfill all its wishes and wants. This range has it all, from base tiles to highlighters and from light hues and shades to dark ones. The Eleganz range by Orientbell comes in two sizes, 12mm x 24mm and 12mm x 18mm, which are highly preferred these days. Both the sizes come in matte and gloss finish.


Size Matters 

(12mm x 24mm)

Autofill with colours

When it comes to this particular size, Orientbell begins its offerings with two of the most popular colours in the market right now, brown and grey. The concepts created with the help of these colours promise to give a never-seen-before look. These colours are available in matte finish, which gives any decor a classic feel. One can always use a combination of dark and light brown shades on the wall with a slight touch of ivory. A setting like this is sure to turn some heads.

And the best Debut award goes to…

Let’s talk about the debutant colour, the olive green. This much-awaited colour has been in demand forever and Orientbell is proud to bring out the best version of it. Undoubtedly, it’ll look great on your walls and create an unparalleled decor for you. Eleganz Tiles, available in the 12mm x 24mm size, also offer the 3D look and feel. For those of you who like popping patterns, the 3D section of this range is just the right option for you.


Finish-ing it in style

The 12mm x 24mm options come in both matte and gloss finish. While the browns and greys in matte finish create magic by adding an extra dash of class, the glossy finish tiles are not far behind. Some of the very popular designs in gloss finish are 3D designs, geometric designs, and a new category called the auspicious design. Auspicious designs are especially made for people who want to keep the look and feel of the decor holy and divine. These are ideal for puja rooms and temples.

Special Edition

Another fascinating addition to the category is the dolphin design in gloss finish. This one is available in aqua colour and can give a calming effect to your bathroom or swimming pool area. Now, dolphin tiles are not that unique, you may find them very easily but what the elegant range offers is a little different, and to know what’s that, don’t forget to take a look at it yourself.



Matte is the cheat-code

This size also features a unique touch to ever-trending shades of brown and grey. The designs on these colours are called the pottery and weaving designs. These matte tiles make a lovely accent wall and even a highlighter. Matte never goes out of style or fashion. Give your space a lovely vintage look with the matte concepts created with the help of pottery and weaving designs.

➢ The Glossier, The Better…

When it comes to glossy finish, this tile size also has a lot to offer. As we all know, marble never goes out of style. The Eleganz series offers various shades of marble in the glossy finish to give your decor that classic and premium marble look. There are dark shades that can be used as highlights, while the light shades can be used as base tiles.

Acing pattern game

Other unique patterns that are available in the Eleganz range are echo concepts, curvy mosaic, 3D cube geometric designs, quadrapetal, mountain pattern, square waves and lots more. These tiles are made with the thought of providing you with the best, unique and most special of designs. Every design has its USP, charm and vibe. It all comes down to what is to your liking.

Special Edition

One very unique and groundbreaking pattern that this range has is the bunchberry pattern. This is a very special pattern as it is created in such a way that it reflects light from any part of the room. No matter where the source of light is and no matter where you’re standing, you’ll see and feel the light getting reflected. Such reflection can also make any area look bigger.

We can go on and on about how special the Eleganz Range is. While you’re on the lookout for the best-suited tile for your respective space, do check out the elegant range on the user-friendly, no-click Orientbell website whose features will make choosing a tile of your choice easy. We’re sure you’ll find something very unique and special that’ll match your vibe and grace your house walls just like you wanted it to.