Ceramic tiles are made of earthen clay and water that is why these tiles have a beautifully natural look to them. This is the reason why glaze is applied externally to smoothen out the roughness. Ceramic tiles are less expensive as compared to some other tiles and have a wide range from very basic to very premium quality and finish. Ceramic tiles have such a huge range of designs, colours and sizes that you will surely be spoilt for choice!

Like every other tile range, ceramic tiles have certain features which set them apart. It is best to have some key information about tiles before you settle for them.

Are Ceramic Tiles Hygienic?

Ceramic tiles are hygienic and trustworthy. Ceramic material does not let the formation of bacteria, neither does the condition of the tiles worsen or decay if taken care of properly. Other than being non-absorbent, ceramic tiles are also waterproof which makes these tiles the perfect choice for installation in your bathroom and your kitchen areas. Another huge advantage of these tiles is that they can bear any type of chemical or acid effect without getting damaged. Also, they do not sustain any kinds of stains or marks and they are quite easy to take care of.

Where can Ceramic Tiles be Installed?

Ceramic tiles are very popular and are extensively used in bathroomskitchensswimming pools, walls and rooftops. Kitchen and bathroom are very important parts of a house and areas where there are chances of the floor getting wet or slippery due to spilled water or lather, hence ceramic tiles are the best option for these spaces. Other than being beautiful, these tiles are also non water absorbent and anti-slippage.

You can be imaginative and creative and use a wide variety of different and interesting combinations of colours and patterns to create a unique and memorable design which will be fresh and new for years to come. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or any other space, let your tile creativity flow unhindered! Visit the ‘Same Look’ visualizer tool by Orientbell Tiles. The Same Look tool will let you identify the tiles of your choice. You just have to click a picture of the space, upload it through the Same Look tool, and decide which one will fit the area best as per your decor.

Ceramic tiles also tend to stay cool in houses in warmer climates, which makes them perfect to use in major parts of India and even in various parts of the world. This is also one of the reasons why ceramic tiles are so popular when it comes to kitchens, because they can withstand the heat of gas flames, hot pots and pans or boiling liquid.

Are Ceramic Tiles Resistant to Heavy Footfall?

Another feature of ceramic floor tiles is that even though they have a softer surface as compared to some other tiles like porcelain, ceramic tiles are extremely hardy and tough. Ceramic tiles can easily withstand heavy foot traffic and pressure when installed in pathways or patios. Ensure you are using Tiles that are made for outdoor areas. They are also much more comfortable to walk on than many other types of tiles, as they offer a better grip and balance.

How long do Ceramic Tiles Last?

Buying tiles is a significant investment and everyone wants their tiles to last long and therefore durability is one of the primary concerns when choosing tiles. Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most rugged and most dependable flooring available in the market. They are very easy to maintain and cleaning them is very convenient. A wet mop or cloth works just fine and cleaning them will not consume a lot of your time, you will be done in a jiffy. Also, if you have a glazed and high-grade ceramic floor then your tiles will last for decades. This is, of course, if you take care of them well.

Can Ceramic Tiles be used in Outdoor Areas?

Yes ceramic tiles can be installed in outdoor areas and are done so widely across the world. With the large range of colours, sizes and designs available, these tiles are the ideal choice for outdoor installations, be it your pathway or patio. Wouldn’t you love it when you throw an evening party on the patio and see the guests admiring your beautiful tiles?

The quality of water resistance makes them durable and everlasting, especially during the rainy season or if you live in areas with wet or icy climatic conditions. So, the next time you get heavy rains then don’t worry about your pathway or your outdoor area!

Check out Rhino series and Valencica series.

In addition, ceramic tiles are relatively easy on the pocket, particularly when you compare them to other tiles such as vitrified tiles and porcelain tiles. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Settle for high-quality ceramic tiles from Orientbell to ensure they have the best features.