Tiling has become an integral part of house renovations and makeovers of commercial spaces. Tiles have always been a popular alternative and rightly so as they provide many benefits and yet are value for money options. They ace all the factors like porosity levels, affordability, looks and durability, making them one of the most popular options to go for while renovating any space. The ease that is involved in the process of installation and maintaining tiles is unparalleled and unmatched. Seeing the wide range that tiles offer in terms of colours, textures and patterns, the rise in their demand feels justified.

Welcome, Inspire Series…

Orientbell has always endeavoured to bring you the best and the most unique tiles that help you to create outstanding concepts for your setups. The ranges that are available with Orientbell cover almost all areas and all factors that a homeowner would want. One such range that is available with Orientbell is the ‘Inspire Tiles’ range.

Orientbell believes that anything and everything can be a source of inspiration. Seeing other people accomplish great things, watching people overcome adversity, listening and reading inspiring quotes by personalities have been major sources of inspiration and motivation for people. But the biggest inspiration of all is nature. Orientbell’s latest range of tiles, called ‘Inspire Tiles’, are literally inspired by the beauty of nature.


Inspiration from around the world…

For the Inspire series, we take our inspirations from the best that nature has to offer all over the world, from the Statuario marble of Italy to the Emperador stone of Turkey to the sandstones of Australia.

Inspire range holds within itself a wide range of more than 30 styles that are created with utmost perfection and finesse. This range of glazed vitrified tiles that provide you with the best of quality and texture, and come in a wide range of patterns. The looks of the Inspire range of tiles is drool-worthy as the glazed layer helps these tiles stand out.


Checking the check-list…

Since they are made of vitrified material, the strength they possess is commendable. Inspire tiles fulfil all the flooring needs. Being low on porosity, high on strength, scratch-resistant, and easy to install, these tiles make a strong case for themselves when it comes to choosing tiles. The Inspire range mostly comes in the size of 2×4 tiles because the list of requirements for most customers looking for tiles with such composition and USPs includes tiles of bigger size. For example, fewer grouts in marble tiles give a cleaner look and are easy to install. The colours, shades and hues of the tiles have been specially selected to appeal to distinctive customer tastes.


You say Versatile, we say Inspire

The Inspire range has something for every setup, be it the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room. These tiles are a perfect fit for any commercial setup too.

Let’s visit the Travertine territory of the Inspire tiles. Travertine style consists of many colour options like PGVT Travertine Brown, PGVT Travertine Onyx, PGVT Travertine Classic Bronze, PGVT Travertine Beige and PGVT Travertine Grey. When we say every colour has a purpose, we truly mean it. Every colour has a distinctive feel and vibe to it. Of course, the final decision lies in the lap of your creative preference but certain spaces look the best when a certain color is used in those spaces. For example, we would recommend PGVT Travertine Brown for all the flooring and bathroom tiling needs and PGVT Travertine Grey for both flooring and wall tiling needs of bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. But this doesn’t stop you from experimenting with the tile and using it for any other space. You can also find a range of wooden look tiles to give that natural and cozy look to your space.

Some of the other very beautiful designs and colors that the Inspire range of tiles has to offer are DGVT Classic MarfilDGVT Cementum Gris and PGVT Carrara Natura.



How much gloss is too much?

We’ve not shied away from bringing some extra gloss to some of the tiles in the Inspire Range. For those who like a little bit of extra shine, we’ve got just the right options for you. Super Gloss Pietra Grey, Super Gloss Igneous Rock and Super Gloss Marquina Black are some of the tiles that will provide you with that extra shine and help your space stand out. The colour options are vast and unique. Once applied, it’s highly improbable for someone to walk past them without noticing.


Simplifying the process…

To make experimenting easier for you, Orientbell’s visualizer tool TriaLook can come in really handy. This is a feature that helps you digitally check whether a particular tile will look good in the space you want to apply it to or not. All you’ve got to do is select the tile, go to this feature, upload a picture of your application space, and voila, you’ll have an image that’ll give you an idea of how your space would look in real life post-installation. You can try different colours and combinations through this tool to narrow down your search.

We thought of adding a segment where we give you the top three tiles from the Inspire series that would be our recommendations for you, but unfortunately, we couldn’t rank any tile lower than the other. For a range that has various styles and designs, we’d be doing injustice if we pick out only three and recommend. All we can say is that if you’re on the lookout for perfect tiles for your setup, be it for an outdoor area, residential area or commercial area, you should check out the Inspire series on our website. You’ll definitely find something that’ll feel perfect for your respective space.