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Stunning Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom

When it comes to designing your bedroom, there are essential aspects to consider, aiming for both beauty and comfort. Besides selecting cosy furniture, careful attention to other elements is vital. Your bedroom should provide a tranquil experience, reflecting your style. It’s a haven for unwinding after daily challenges. Paints through colours have a significant impact on mood. With numerous options, designs, and shades available, thoughtful bedroom wall painting can transform your space into a serene oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. Let us have a close look at some of the major wall painting ideas for bedroom options that you can use in your house to get you inspired and started on this journey. 

Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom

Right from the soothing shades of various colours to designer and elegant patterns, all can be combined to breathe new life into the walls of your bedroom. Some common and quite popular colour palette choices for bedrooms include neutral shades, soft pastels, earthy tones, and patterns such as floral, geometric, and more. All these bedroom paint design ideas can bring forth a new charm and elegance to your bedroom walls. Here are a few classic and trendy bedroom wall ideas to get you started. 

1.Graded Shades or Stunning Two-Tone Painted Walls For the Bedroom

This idea believes in the classic motto of ‘two is better than one’ and so instead of sticking to a singular plain old colour, this combines the beauty and elegance of two distinct shades. For the two-colour combination design idea for your bedroom, you can either combine two complementary colours such as blue and green, or two contrasting colours like black and white, or something eclectic and different to decorate the walls.   

2. Awesome Ombre Walls

The ombre effect on walls can add a lot of texture and a nice dreamy element to your bedroom walls. This is one of the iconic wall paint design ideas for bedroom options that is easy to do as well as maintain. A lot of DIY enthusiasts can achieve a result that is akin to professional quality with a few simple materials and tools, which makes the ombre wall design a great option for all those hobbyists and craft enthusiasts. 

3. DIY Geometric Walls Using Masking Tape

The elegant and classic touch of geometric patterns can make your bedroom walls pop and shine bright- especially if you combine geometric shapes with vibrant and peppy colours. This creative bedroom wall painting idea is quite popular with DIY enthusiasts as it just requires a few different shades of colours, a couple of masking tapes, brushes, and lots of creativity. 

4. Polka Dot Wall Design For Bedrooms

For a simple bedroom wall painting idea that while easy to do is still stunning and eye-catching, consider the classic polka dot design. This design is quite an iconic design that can add a simple yet bold look to your bedroom walls without making them seem too crowded or chaotic. This design can be done in a simple black and white combination or you allow your creativity to flow freely and use as many colours and sizes as you want for a nice twist to the classic design theme. 

5. Mesmerising Strie: Faux Painting Method

If, as a homeowner, you want some simple wall painting designs for bedroom walls, then do give a thought to try Strie, a simple but brilliant faux painting technique that can create a nice and textured effect on your walls. This method is also known as ‘dragging’ as it involves the literal dragging of a brush through a coloured glaze which is applied on a base coat of a different shade. It is an affordable way to get the classy and luxurious look of fabric walls without the hassle of excessive maintenance. 

6. 3D Designs Ideas for Walls

You can make the walls of your bedroom feel alive by adding a touch of 3D to them. 3D designs work great for bedrooms especially if you plan to use this method to make an accent wall. It is also a simple solution for people looking for romantic wall painting designs for bedroom options as you can easily incorporate various romantic 3D motifs such as flowers, hearts, and more on your walls with this method. 

7. Colour Washing: Simple, Stylish, Sophisticated

Colour washing is a method of wall design painting for bedroom options and other walls which can be used to make your walls look bold and beautiful. In this technique, different and contrasting colours are used together in the form of base coat and glaze which adds an intriguing depth to the walls. This simple method is great as it can add a touch of soft texture to the walls and make them seem timeless. It is also quite simple and quick to do, which makes it a great choice for people who love to decorate their homes using DIY approaches. 

8.Special Sponge Effect for Special Walls

You can use simple household items for simple painting bedroom wall design ideas too. For example, a basic sponge from your kitchen can be used on walls for a simple and textured look. This painting technique is known as sponging or sponge painting and has been popular for decades now. For the best texture and look, dab the sponge with paint on the walls in various motions and strengths. Use multiple shades or contrasting colours for an eclectic and unique look. 

9.Choose the Power of Triadic Colour Scheme

The three-colour theory or the triadic colour scheme is a popular design idea or principle in which, as the name suggests, three colours are used together. These three colours are generally spaced evenly around the colour wheel. This is a classic design principle that is used in a variety of fields related to design and decor such as fashion, interior design, and more. This colour scheme or principle can also be used on bedroom walls to make a nice, visually appealing, and harmonious space. For this choose a dominant shade such as soft green, then add a contrasting shade for the dominant colour such as simple grey, and then add an accent colour to add a pop to the overall scheme. Use this brilliant colour principle to create contemporary, interesting, and modern wall paint designs for bedroom walls. 

10.Whale Painting for Kids Bedroom

Kids love patterns and bright and vibrant colours. They also love animated figures and 3d wall painting designs for bedroom walls which is why you can introduce a sense of glee and fun to your children’s room with pretty whale designs. While whales and other fish and designs can be painted or can also be added in the form of decals on the walls, you can also choose to install printed tiles which are a lot easier to clean and maintain- a massive pro in the kids’ room. 

11. Colour Blocking Theory for Vibrant Bedroom Walls

Colour blocking is a classic design technique in which solid sections or ‘blocks’ of various shades are used together for a contemporary and visually striking look. This method can be combined with out-of-the-box colour ideas for unique and stunning bedroom walls. Just choose a shade that you would want to make the base of your walls and then select two or more shades that contrast the base shade. Using the contrasting shades paint different sized ‘blocks’ on the wall. Do consider light, size, and other elements in the bedroom before painting the blocks for a bold, seamless and classy look.  

12. Luxurious Line Arch Designs for Bedroom

Arches have been a staple in architecture and design for centuries as they are an easy yet efficient way to add visual interest to any space while also adding a touch of ‘softness’ to it. It can make any simple wall or narrow space look bold and elegant like the classic gavaksha or chandrashila motifs of early Indian Buddhist architecture. You can also use a can of paint to add arches to your bedroom walls. You can use a single arch for a classic look or can go with multiple to create a nice scalloped design. Definitely one of the best wall painting design for bedroom ideas out there. 

13.Classy Chequered Bedroom Walls

A classic design element that has always been in fashion is the chequered look. You can use chequered patterns to inspire your bedroom back wall paint designs. This pattern is quite versatile and can be made using various materials such as paint or even wallpaper. If you want more, you can always use chequered and mosaic wall tiles for your bedroom walls. 

14. Attractive Abstract Lines

Use geometric patterns to create a combination of traditional and modern bedroom wall paint design that, while easy to do, will surely add a lot of charm to your bedroom. Instead of sticking to plain and basic lines, use abstract lines in various patterns on the walls instead. Abstract lines can be painted using a variety of shades on your walls right from neutrals to pop-art-inspired vibrant colours. 

15. Painterly Effect on Bedroom Walls

The painterly effect is a fancy-looking painting technique that can copy the look of a real painting along with the artistic touches and textures. This effect can be achieved using a combination of different colours and shades applied using various artistic tools. Surely a simple yet efficient way to add depth and visual interest to your bedroom walls. 

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16. Boho and Intriguing Motifs for an Iconic Wall

The latest wall paint design for bedroom or for that matter any space in the house is the ‘boho’ trend. This rustic, maximalist style is quite popular as it can add a lot of visual appeal and charm to any space in a very quick and efficient manner. You can use decals, stencils, or even freehand boho-inspired designs on one of the walls of your bedroom for a unique accent wall. Use natural motifs and combine them with geometric patterns in different colours for a bold look. 

17. Mountain Murals for Magnificent Walls

If the cool winds of mountains are always harkening on you, then this wall painting design in the bedroom idea is made for you. Create simple mountain murals on the walls of your bedroom for a stylish look. You can use stencils for detailed mountains or just use some masking tape to create some simple and bold peaks on the wall. This idea is perfect for all kinds of bedrooms- whether your master bedroom or your kid’s nursery.

18. Bold Artistic Choices

If you are bored of simple bedroom paint designs and want something more out there then you can hire an artist to create a custom mural or fresco for your walls. Another option to do this is by getting help from your friends and family and allowing them free reign to paint a wall in your bedroom however they like. This creates a very personal and bold accent wall that is not only unique but also a very fun and original addition to your lovely bedroom. 

19. Tantalising Textured Walls   

Instead of sticking plain bedroom wall design colour options, combine them with motifs and textures for a unique and pretty wall. For instance, combine different pastel shades to create a nice ombre effect along with texture.

20. Styling and Stunning Stripes for Walls

If you as a homeowner are looking for easy wall painting designs for bedroom that are classy, you can choose a nice stripey look. Stripes are a classic motif that never seems to go out of fashion thanks to their exceptionally elegant and ‘classic’ look. Stripes can work with various designs and colour schemes right from bold and vibrant shades to muted neutrals. You can choose between diagonal, vertical, or horizontal stripes for your bedroom walls or can also combine them for a more personalised look. 

21.Faux Exposed Brick Design for Walls

If you want to make your bedroom look grand and different then this design can be a great option for you. Brick and other similar motifs have become quite popular in recent trending wall painting designs for a Master bedroom as well as other rooms. You can achieve this effect using stencils, decals, or even a simple sponge. Another way to add the exposed brick look to your bedroom walls is by using bedroom tiles made to look like real bricks. 

22. Trendy Drippy Wall

This trending bedroom wall painting technique has been quite popular on sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr for a long time now. It is quite a simple design to pull off but can add an artistic and playful touch to your bedroom wall. This cheery design allows you to relax and let your creativity and paints flow- quite literally. For the best result, use syringes filled with paint to achieve a nice drip effect on the walls of your bedroom. 

23. Abstract Shapes and Art for Bedroom Walls

The abstract wall is not just for museums and art galleries, you can always incorporate a touch of the ‘absurd’ in your bedroom with the help of abstract wall painting designs for bedroom ideas. Abstract art and motifs are an excellent way to make your bedroom walls look modern and contemporary. You can play with different shapes, colours, and textures while painting the walls of your bedroom using abstract designs.

24. Accent Wall Using Floral Motifs

For a classic bedroom wall painting idea, choose motifs inspired by flowers. The floral motif is always a classic motif that cannot go wrong. You can create a stunning 3D landscape on the walls, or do simple, line-art flowers for a more modern and contemporary look. If you are looking for a more sturdy and permanent design element for the walls of your bedroom, you can also consider getting floral wall tiles instead. 

25. Fancy Forests On Your Walls

To bring the beauty of nature into the comfort of your bedroom, consider the variety of wall painting designs for bedroom options that mimic the look of trees, mountains, and more.  A forest-themed wall is sure to bring warmth and greenery to your bedroom along with a nice organic feeling. You can use stencils to create a nice forest-inspired landscape on the walls or use decals and stickers for a quick and easy fix. 

26. Typographical Statement Wall

For a unique statement wall in your bedroom, get inspired by typographical art. You can add your favourite quotes in your favourite fonts on the wall so that you can read them whenever you want. You can even do this in your handwriting or as a couple’s activity too. Just use masking tapes to keep those lines straight (or don’t and allow your creativity to take over instead). If you are one of those people who like to change their surroundings a lot, you can also use chalkboard paint as a bedroom wall painting idea. Just paint one of the walls of your bedroom using this paint and then you write your favourite lines, and messages, draw doodles and lots more on the wall and wipe it away whenever you want.

27.Classic Wallpapers For Bedroom Walls

While wall painting designs for bedroom options are quite popular, you can save time and money by using old and trustworthy wallpaper instead. Just visit the offline or online marketplaces to see what kind of new and exciting designs and patterns of wallpapers are available nowadays and think creatively about how you can use them in your lovely bedroom to personalise it. 

28. Wall Painting Ideas Inspired by Artists

Drawing inspiration from famous artists while looking for bedroom wall painting ideas can make your bedroom seem like an artwork right out of the museum. While recreating Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Amrita Shergill, and others might be difficult, especially if you are not artistically inclined, you can always draw inspiration from Mondrian and similar artists, known for their geometrically inspired paintings. Use motifs of different sizes and combine them with bold and vibrant colours for a unique twist to the boring old bedroom walls. 

29. Circle Ombré Wall Painting Motifs for Bedroom Walls

If you allow your creative juices to flow, you can create stunning wall painting designs for your bedroom using basic materials. Here a simple circle motif has been made using ombre shades that enhance the basic base coat on the walls. For crisp lines, use a stencil or masking tape. You can stick to one circular motif or can also do multiple, different-sized circular motifs for added beauty.

30. Honeycomb Design for Textured Walls

Different bedroom wall painting ideas can be combined with various materials to create a nice textured and tactile wall. For instance, PoP, mirrors, decals, etc. can be combined with regular paint to create a nice hexagonal honeycomb design that can make the wall behind your bed pop instantly. For DIY enthusiasts, you can achieve a similar effect with mirror decals available online- no stencil required!

31. Nature-inspired Leaves Design with Gold Elements


One of the many wall painting designs for bedroom options, this one combines the beauty of nature with a twist of gold. The shimmer and shine of the gold enhance the pretty shades of green and can make your bedroom feel like a tropical paradise. This is a perfect solution for people who would like to introduce a nice little touch of nature to their bedroom in the form of an accent wall. 


  • Which colour exudes positive energy?

Speaking about the psychology of colours, bright tones like yellow are commonly linked with positivity and optimism. This colour radiates warmth and can not only boost creativity but also uplift your mood.

  • Are the wall texture paints good for my bedroom walls?

Adding texture paints to your bedroom walls is a fantastic way to bring depth and visual interest. As texture paints are available in a plethora of finishes, you can always experiment with them to make a highly personalised and pretty accent wall in your bedroom. Another benefit of using texture paints is that they can also hide tiny imperfections on the wall quite well.

  • Which paint finish is best for a bedroom?

It is believed that a satin finish is perfect for bedroom walls as it looks and feels good. 

  • Should I choose water-based or oil-based paints?

For bedrooms, a lot of people recommend choosing water-based paints over the other options. They have minimal odours, dry quickly, and are easy to clean with water. These paints are also eco-friendly, emitting fewer harmful fumes. With lower chances of yellowing over time, they ensure your wall colour stays fresh. In essence, water-based paints make bedroom wall painting practical, and user-friendly and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

  • What two colours go well in a bedroom?

Soft and calming colour combinations work well in bedrooms. Consider tranquil tones like pastel blue paired with a gentle cream or light grey. Soft greens, combined with beige or white, can also create a serene atmosphere. Neutral colours like taupe and ivory, or soothing shades of lavender with light grey, contribute to a peaceful ambience. Opting for cohesive and subdued colour combinations helps promote relaxation and a comfortable sleep environment in the bedroom.

  • How do I create a painted arch in a bedroom?

Creating a painted arch in your bedroom is a fun and creative way to add visual interest. First, mark the desired arch shape using a pencil. Then, carefully tape along the marked lines using painter’s tape. After ensuring the tape adheres well, paint the enclosed area with your chosen colour. Once dry, gently peel off the tape to reveal your stylish painted arch.


The sky’s the limit for homeowners as far as bedroom wall painting ideas are concerned. You can choose different materials such as paints, wallpapers, tiles, and more to create unique and highly personalised walls in your bedroom that will surely become the reflection of your tastes and styles. You can always visit the Orientbell tiles to find out even more brilliant design ideas to update your dream home.


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