We tell you the kind of tiles you can use on your walls and how to choose the right fit.

Choose the Right Tile Material for Your Walls

Though you have to be extra careful about the material you choose for your floor tiles, you can pretty much use almost any tile material on the walls. Of course, you have to be slightly more careful while choosing wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are usually available in polished, glazed and unglazed varieties. Glazed tiles are either plain or have a design imprinted on them. These tiles are fairly durable and can add a class to your walls. Ceramic tiles are available in multiple colors and patterns. Marble pattern being extremely popular if you are looking to make your spaces look classy, elegant and sophisticated.

Vitrified Tiles

These are processed in order to make them more durable and resistant to scratches, stains and acid spillage than any other tiles. You will have a range of colours to choose from in this variety of tiles, and they are suitable for the walls as well as the floors of all kinds of spaces. These are durable, look luxurious and are available in multiple sizes and finishes.

Quarry Tiles

These are unglazed tiles that are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor usage. They are the best options for floors and are mostly chosen for the kitchen, but they can be used on the walls as well.

Choose the Right Wall Tile for Common Areas

Your choice of tile should also depend on the area of application as some tiles are more suitable for specific areas. Here is how to choose the right tiles for common areas that we look to design at home.

Wall Tile Ideas for Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are the most suited and most preferred tiles when it comes to bathrooms. Glazed or polished ceramic tiles make a great option for the walls of your bathroom however they aren’t best suited for the floor as they can be slippery when wet.

These options package durability and elegance. Mix and match according to your taste and decor to get the best look for your bathroom. You can also add a dash of colour by adding borders to the bathroom wall tiles. Bright hues or floral designs would add life to your bathroom.

Wall Tile Ideas for Living Room

Living rooms make the first impression and we all know how important first impressions are. For living room wall tiles, you can opt for anything ranging from ceramic to natural stone tiles. Terracotta, Italian marble, and porcelain tiles seem to be in the trend these days as they look exquisitely classy and stylish.

Designer and textured marble tiles are best suited for spacious living rooms, while terracotta tiles would be a great option for smaller living rooms as they add warmth and character to your walls. You can choose from Orientbell’s Valencica series; a range of porcelain tiles or choose from a range of vitrified tiles that look perfect on the walls.

Wall Tile Ideas for Kitchen

Ceramic tiles are the best bet for the kitchen space considering the backsplash tends to get dirty quickly and can be easily cleaned versus paint or marble slabs.They are durable and stylish and come in a wide variety when it comes to colors and designs.You can opt for colorful floral or geometric patterns or even go for simple yet stylish lighter hue tiles.

You can check out Estilo or the newly introduced Sparkle series by Orientbell.Choose tiles that are scratch- and water-resistant and are durable as the kitchen is considered to be a high traffic area. Match the interiors and units of your kitchen while selecting tiles for your walls.

Tile Ideas for Accent Walls

Wall tiles chosen for accent walls can change the entire look of your space. You can choose from a variety of options to make any area the most eye-catching by highlighting the accent wall with a highlighter or 3D tiles.

Do not forget to coordinate the interiors while choosing wall tiles. Match them up with floor tiles as well. You can opt for glossy or satin-textured tiles for the walls. They are manageable and easy to maintain. Opt for bright coloured tiles to add a pop of colour and life to your bathroom or living room. Create the perfect look with appropriate wall tiles.