Tiling has emerged as one of the most sought-after and trendiest ways to floor the space. It could be a personal space, parking lots, commercial, or industrial, etc. There is no doubt in the fact that different spaces might require different types of tiles to fulfill all the flooring needs. For example, if you’re planning to tile the floor of your living room, basic vitrified or ceramic tile would be a good option to go to but when it comes to tiling spaces like parking lots or gardens and pavements, it is a different ball game altogether.

If you’re looking for tiles to floor your industrial space, look no further. This blog will try and guide you in the best possible way so that you make the right choice. One of the best options to go for if you have to tile your industrial space is the full body vitrified tiles.

These heavy-duty tiles don’t disappoint. They are manufactured in a way that they have the strength to withstand almost anything that comes their way. In this blog, we’ll talk at length about full-body vitrified tiles.

Doubting the durability of full body vitrified tiles is out of question as they are well known for their strength and endurance. It is a fact that vitrified tiles are more durable than ceramic tiles. Full-body tiles are manufactured by compressing a mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica at a high temperature.

The process hardens the tile and reduces its porosity, making it highly water-resistant. This makes sure that there is no internal damage and the tile’s strength is maintained at all points. These tiles are not weak as ceramic tiles and help the flooring stay intact in adverse conditions too. Vitrified tiles do not react to alkali, acids or any other chemical and are also stain-resistant.

Industrial floors are required to be extremely strong and sturdy to withstand massive static and dynamic loads, as trucks carrying 60 and more tonnes of cargo move around warehouses and production facilities quite often.

These tiles need to be solid enough to not let their finish, colour, and look and feel get ruined by the heavy movements of vehicles and machinery. Vitrified tiles are a great choice to add tenacity coupled with elegance to any space and are available in various colours at Orientbell.

These tiles are relatively easy to mount in any space and if done right, they will not pose any problem for a very long time. Though we’ve already mentioned that these tiles are heavy-duty, very durable, and long-lasting, the list just doesn’t end here.

These tiles are also easy to clean and cost-efficient. You can practically forget about them once installed and they’ll continue to be as good as they were on day one.

Orientbell is a company that follows what it preaches. The brand makes sure to provide you with the best heavy-duty tiles and for the same, we performed an experiment on three of our most popular and well-regarded tiling options. We put Sahara Gris full body tiles, Valencia (PCM, natural pine wood), and GVT (DGVT rosewood brown) tiles to test by driving a 60 tonne truck over them. Actually, not just one but 100-plus trucks. It was noticed that the tiles passed the test with flying colours and were unaffected.

Orientbell regular SAHARA series full body vitrified and Orientbell SAHARA Heavy duty series full body vitrified tiles are categories that you should definitely check for their durability and endurance. These tiles have a 6000 Newton strength and can withstand a weight of 100 tonnes. That means they won’t break even if a full-size plane is parked on top of them. Sahara Nero, Kota Green, Gris, Beige, and Creama are the five distinct colours available under the range.

Do check out Orientbell’s other tile ranges such as Rhino, Forever, Valencia as well and we’re sure that you’ll find the best options for your industrial space.