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Are Wood Look Tiles Expensive? Let’s Check It Out

Wood looking tiles

Affordable? Classy? We’ve got it covered.

Tiles having wooden look

For years and years now, hardwood has been a popular flooring choice amongst resident and commercial space owners. The rustic look, the warmth it exudes, the old-school charisma and the timelessness have made it an evergreen choice.

But, over the years, people have realized that the aesthetic is not worth the damage to nature, nor can it justify the high cost and maintenance.

If you are one of those people that love the aesthetic natural wood exudes but would not opt for it due to environmental, cost, or maintenance reasons, we have a solution for you – wood look tiles.

They provide you with an aesthetic similar to that of natural wood in a much more convenient tile form. The tiles are comparatively easier on the pocket, better for the environment, and much easier to maintain than natural hardwood.

With a large variety of designs and patterns available, the range of wooden tiles at Orientbell Tiles will provide you with the look you crave. From the traditional look of oak to the rich hues of cherry to the rusticity of driftwood – you can find all these looks and much more!

Wooden looking tiles

Types of Wood Look Tiles

These striking tiles can be used on both floors and walls and help you create a timeless, modern space yet has an old-world charm and feels inviting. It can be available in various types such as vitrified, ceramic, digital glazed vitrified (DGVT), forever, germ-free, and polished glazed vitrified (PGVT), assured of the quality you will be getting.

The tiles are also available in multiple sizes for you to choose from, from square tiles measuring 600x600mm, to rectangular tiles measuring 600x1200mm, to plank tiles measuring 145x600mm.

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Why Are Wooden Tiles Better Than Hardwood? 

Wooden tiles are also a lot of low maintenance than regular hardwood. You need to put in a lot of effort to protect your wood-covered floors and walls from infestations of termites and other creatures. Even before you install wood, you need to treat the floors and walls to protect them from termites. This adds to the installation and maintenance costs as these treatments do not come cheap.

Another major issue associated with using natural wood, especially in a humid country like ours, is water. Even the most minute of leaks through the floors or walls can rot the wood from inside  – and the worst part is that you won’t even realise until it all comes crashing down!

With wooden tiles, you do not need to worry about either problem. You will not have to spend any extra time, money, or energy on treatments against pests like termites. Nor will you have to worry about dampness seeping through the tile since tiles have low porosity and absorb very little moisture – safeguarding your floors and walls against moisture-related damage

Wooden tiles in bathroom

The tile price depends upon various factors, such as the design, size, material used, and finish. The price range of this tile range is vast, ensuring that there is a tile for each budget. But, if you were to compare the prices of these tiles with the price of natural hardwood, you will find that even the most expensive tile will work out to be cheaper.

(For example, currently, the most expensive tile goes for Rs. 126 per sq. feet, while the price of hardwood floors starts at Rs. 650 per sq. feet!)

The Pros And Cons Of Using Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles in living room

Here are some of the pros and cons of using wood look tiles in your space:

Advantages Of Choosing Wooden Tiles

Here are some of the reasons why wooden tiles are highly in trend:

1. Available in multiple finishes

Wood look tiles are primarily available in two finishes – glossy and matte.

Glossy finish wood look tiles have a smooth surface, are easier to clean, and reflect maximum light – making your room feel brighter and more spacious.

Matte finish wood look tiles, on the other hand, have a rough surface, lending the space a gruff and rustic look. They also help increase traction and reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Wood tiles furnished

2. Easy Maintenance

The tiles, as mentioned earlier, are extremely easy to maintain and do not require additional treatments, such as termite repellent or sealing against moisture.

Wooden tiles

3. Durable And Long Lasting

The tiles are manufactured using the latest technology and use materials such as vitrified and ceramic, making them sturdy, robust, and long-lasting.

4. Easier On The Pocket

Wooden tiles are much cheaper than natural hardwood floors, not just when it comes to material costs but also when considering installation and maintenance costs over the years.

Wooden tiles in gym

5. Low Porosity

Tiles are baked at high temperatures in a kiln, reducing the number of pores they have. This results in an end product that absorbs very little standing water, and almost none of the water splashes on it. This protects not only the tile but also the floor and/or wall underneath the tile.

6. Versatility Of Design

With the advancement in technology, tiles are now available in a wide variety of designs and patterns. When you consider wooden tiles, they are available not only in the looks of different woods but also in different colours and patterns that combine the look of wood and marble, wood and floral designs, or even wood with mosaic designs!

wooden tiles in bathoom

7. Eco Friendly

Let’s face it – cutting down trees is the only way to procure hardwood. This is detrimental to the environment, and the processing and transport of these trees add to the woes of the environment. Compared to this, tiles are man-made and have a considerably lesser environmental impact.

wooden tiles in balcony

8. Child/Elderly/Pet Friendly

Since tiles are easy to clean and dust, not much dirt stays on their surface, reducing the chances of allergic reactions. Matt finish tiles and anti-skid tiles also help reduce the occurrences of slips and falls.


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Disadvantages Of Choosing Wooden Tiles

Here are some disadvantages of using wooden tiles:

1. Cold Underfoot

Tiles can have a cooler underfoot that can be uncomfortable for the feet, especially in colder areas and during winters.

2. Uncomfortable To Stand On For Long

Tiles are hard surfaces. While the occasional standing and walking across will not have much effect on you, standing for long hours can be uncomfortable and result in lower back pain if appropriate footwear is not worn.

3. Glossy Tiles Can Be Slippery

Glossy tiles have a smooth surface and can be a slipping hazard when wet. To prevent accidents, it is best to use glossy tiles on walls and only matte finish tiles on floors, especially in bathrooms.

Wooden tiles are a great way to inject the warmth of wood into a space without having to deal with the hassles of installing natural wood. Not only are wooden tiles low maintenance, but they are also a lot easier on the pocket – especially when compared to hardwood. So, add wood-look ties to your space for a pocket-friendly and hassle-free experience!

glossy wooden tile flooring

How Can Orientbell Tiles Help You? 

We hope you found our ideas useful! If you want beautiful tiles for your home, then look no further. Visit the nearest tile store to pick the right flooring for your home, or you can also try the tiles on

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